What is Happy Housing?

The Happy Housing Campaign, which offers a new way to have fun and help end homelessness in Canadian communities, has partnered with Raising the Roof. It’s simple, our “Gaming for Good” approach utilizes digital games for social good. Would you play a game to help save a life?

Homelessness has an impact on all of us, and maintaining the status quo is not acceptable. We have seen many communities across the country doing important work to end chronic and episodic homelessness, but they often lack the financial resources. This campaign strives to support those great initiatives locally and nationally.

Happy Housing is asking people to do one or more of the following methods:

Method 1 (Free): 

  • Download and play any of our games for FREE
  • To support Raising the Roof, download and play Crossy Spikes on your phone or tablet

Method 2 (Optional):

  • Order some really cool clothing from our website
  • Buy coins, avatars or the ad-free version in the game
  • Share the game multiple times for cool rewards

Want to learn more about how this campaign works and how you can do your part? Visit the Happy Housing website.