HireUp is one of Raising the Roof’s innovative social enterprises. The platform seeks to bridge the space between underrepresented jobseekers and businesses who could be potential employers. Presently, HireUp has formed a mutually beneficial platform for jobseekers, corporations, and community agencies.

What does HireUp do?

The service HireUp provides connects jobseekers who face barriers in finding employment to different opportunities with employers who practice impact hiring. This enables companies to achieve the benefits of building a strong, diverse, and inclusive workforce. The connection of employers to untapped talent pools allows for the betterment of communities through meaningful employment while also supporting the empowerment of disadvantaged workers.

HireUp goes a step beyond simply providing access to job postings. By working with associated community partners, jobseekers are guaranteed a support system to carry them through the job procurement process. Many community partners even offer the option of continuing support throughout terms of employment. Where there is confusion or a lack of experience, there is a support system to fill in the gap. This support is especially important for jobseekers who are in need of varying levels of support in order to overcome the difficulties they face in finding and keeping jobs.

Learnings from HireUp

Overcoming these barriers to reach successful employment is one of the pillar objectives of HireUp. Recently, HireUp has decided to further analyze its relationships with its jobseekers. Understanding the jobseekers and the barriers they face is essential to the overall success and impact of the platform.

Additionally, having a better knowledge of this information will help employment partners and social support partners in their quest to uplift disadvantaged and underrepresented talent. Understanding the needs of the people who use HireUp will help us to assess how to use the platform in the best way. Hopefully, this information will also help us further understand how to transcend barriers to employment at every level.

Stay tuned to find out what we’ve learned about our user base!