Friday, June 2, 2023


Join us on Friday June 2, 2023 for a fun + friendly + impactful softball tournament at Camp Robin Hood in Markham. 

This full day event is a great way to engage your employees, bring the team together, and have a ball (no pun intended!) while raising money to help prevent and end homelessness. It is a safe outdoor event with camp games and activities. If there are people who want to join the fun but aren’t interested in playing in the softball tournament they can join for all the other great camp activities available. Everyone will receive a stylish RTR baseball cap, lunch + refreshments. 

Your support and fundraising will help us get one step closer to ending homelessness in Canada through employment and affordable housing opportunities. If you have any questions please email

Fundraising for the Tournament

We can’t wait to have you participate in the tournament and camp day. Once you have signed up, you can start fundraising either by sharing your fundraising profile page and/or through in person cash or cheque donations. Click here for a printable cash/cheque pledge form.

Below are some fundraising tips to get you started:

UNDERSTAND YOUR DONOR: Peer to peer fundraisers like this are common. In North America, over $2 Billion a year is raised in walk/run/ride/volunteer events. Millions of us give (and will give) to these type of events, so when we get asked, we aren’t surprised or annoyed-especially when we know the person asking. Most of the people you ask have probably given to other campaigns before and will likely give to you.

MAKE IT PERSONAL: While your friends and family may understand event based fundraising, they still want you to ask them personally. If you send out a “Dear Nobody Specific” letter, don’t be surprised when they don’t donate. Would you?

If your email or message isn’t personal, it isn’t worth reading. Don’t go overboard with a longwinded letter, get to the ask early on, but make it personal. Make it easy for them to know where, when, and why you are participating. Make sure to include the link to your participant page and let them know that cash or cheque made payable to Raising the Roof is ok. You want to make it easy for them to give and be able to make a donation right away if they want to.

SET A GOAL: The default goal is $150, but if you want to set a more ambitious goal, go right ahead! The average donor to events like this gives $50. That means, you’ll need 3 people to say yes to donating to reach your goal. That makes the goal very achievable! Be sure to let your donors know what your goal is, it will give them context and help them evaluate how much they want to contribute to that goal.

BEGIN NOW: Starting is half the battle! You don’t need months to plan, but the earlier you start fundraising the more you will raise! Some people will respond right away, but others won’t and you want to leave enough time to follow up.

Click here to download the fundraising tips PDF.

watch a recap of last year's tournament