Where the
money goes

The work we do would not be possible without the incredible generosity of our supporters.

The funds from Toque item sales in our annual Toque Campaign have benefited 200 Partner Agencies across Canada to-date. 50% of the gross revenue from Toque sales goes to the local partner agencies and 50% of the gross revenue goes to Raising the Roof. Campaign costs (including the manufacturing and distribution of Toque items) are paid out of the Raising the Roof portion. As a result, the funds raised in toque sales in a community stay in that community to support their local homelessness prevention programs. The remaining funds from the Toque sales go to our national initiatives, such as Reside.

Donations made to Raising the Roof go to support our national initiative, Reside. Reside transforms vacant buildings into homes for people who are or may become homeless while training and employing people with barriers to employment, supporting them with Wraparound Supports and connecting them to employers.

For more information about the funds supporting our work, detailed Financial Statements.

How do we measure progress?


years solving
long-term solutions
to homelessness


local agencies supported by the annual Toque Campaign


people at risk of homeless obtained full time work in the trades after working on Reside projects (and we are just getting started!)



dollars raised for homelessness prevention programs across Canada

By the numbers

Our impact

At Raising the Roof, we’re committed to running an efficient organization, and work hard to keep our costs low.

The fantastic team of volunteers across the country help to promote the Toque Campaign and raise awareness of homelessness issues in their community. Our dedicated volunteer Board of Directors provide direction and support to our staff.

We have excellent pro-bono partners and in kind donations that help us to cost effectively expand our reach and stretch fundraising dollars. The investments made by national funders and foundations have ensured that we are we poised for expansion in the coming year.

Our work


Our most recent Financial Statements provide a full, independently audited financial overview of the organization. If you have questions regarding our financial statements, or if you would like more information, please contact us.

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