Raising the Roof dramatically re-designed the organization’s strategic directions to focus on the prevention of homelessness. Therefore, we began to look for international examples of innovative programming and initiatives.  We discovered Canopy Housing from Leeds, UK.  Canopy, winner of the World Habitat Awards, which empowers people who are homeless to transform empty housing stock in Leeds into homes and become part of a community.

Raising the Roof is working with our partners, BuildingUp and SHS Consulting to create proof of concept for the Reside model.  Borrowing elements of the Canopy Housing, Reside, creates affordable, supportive housing options for those who are at high-risk of homelessness.

Through the generous support of The Home Depot Foundation, Raising the Roof is presently launching our pilot of Reside. We will be renovating two homes to create affordable long-term housing for eight people at risk of homelessness.

Raising the Roof works diligently to identify potential properties and raise the capital required to refurbish vacant, and often heritage homes.

SHS Consulting Inc., is an independent Canadian consulting firm specializing in public policy, research and community development. SHS is working with Raising the Roof to build our internal capacity for housing renovation project management.

Finally, we contract our partners, BuildingUp, to complete the renovations. BuildingUp is a social enterprise which hires and trains at-risk youth to work alongside experienced contractors to complete renovations thus, allowing the participants to gain the knowledge to enter a career in the trades.

Once renovated, Reside homes are leased to a non-profit housing provider who operates the space as supportive and/or longer term housing. Raising the Roof has begun to identify partner agencies working with high-risk populations for our pilot and beyond.

Reside Process, an infographic

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