Raising the Roof is happy to announce a new partnership with The Good Soy. We contacted Sevil, the amazing soul behind TGS and she agreed to be featured on our blog.

RtR – Could you describe the Good Soy? How was the Good Soy born?

TGS – “Not many things are as comforting as a flickering candle. Whether it’s in the middle of a frigid winter day or a crisp summer night, I can easily say I burn candles all year round. But I began to grow increasingly concerned about all the chemicals and perfumes these candles were releasing into the air I was breathing. Some light research gave way to the scary realization that the market is saturated with candles that are made from harmful ingredients but masked by their attractive scents, colours and jars.

So, I decided to start crafting my own candles, using only 100% soy wax and pure essential oils – ingredients that are natural, more environmentally-friendly and free of toxins and added fragrances. Excited by the thought that I can burn these goodies and enjoy their aromas without worry thrilled me – so much so that I went on a candle-making frenzy and, before I knew it, my tiny downtown apartment was overflowing with candles!

As a social work PhD student, the welfare of children and families has always been at the forefront of my work. The issue of child poverty and homelessness is one that is especially near to my heart and the very reason I am pursuing research in this field. So, the solution to my growing candle collection came quite naturally – sell the candles and contribute to a cause. And that’s how THE GOOD SOY was born.”

RtR – Why choose Raising the Roof as beneficiary?

TGS – “This year, Raising the Roof is the charity of choice that the GOOD SOY will be donating its proceeds to. Uniquely, Raising the Roof utilizes an upstream strategy, helping to prevent homelessness through long-term solutions. Their method is innovative, ground-breaking and highly collaborative. I truly value the work they do at Raising the Roof and am honoured to be able to contribute 20% of our net proceeds to such an important n important and dire cause.”

RTR – Where can we find you?

TGS – You can find us online on our website and via Instagram (@thegoodsoy). 

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