This past Wednesday on National Housing Day, the Canadian Government made history by releasing its very first National Housing Strategy! The strategy is a comprehensive, 12-chapter document outlining what this 10-year, $40 billion plan will look like.

We spoke. They listened. It’s exciting to see that findings from last year’s ‘Let’s Talk Housing’ consultations with the general public are incorporated into the National Housing Strategy.

For example, the consultations found that more than half of all Canadian households in core housing needs are female-led. As a result, the strategy is directing 25% of its investments towards projects for women, girls, and their families.

Description of the strategy:

The overall strategy is based on four core principles:

  • inclusion,
  • accountability,
  • participation, and
  • non-discrimination

What is included in the strategy?

  • Big changes made by the Government of Canada, including:
    • The creation of new legislation to ensure that the most vulnerable population is prioritized and that affordable housing is treated as a human right;
    • The release of a new public engagement campaign to reduce stigma and discrimination of low-income households.
  • Various funding initiatives, such as the:
    • National Housing Co-Investment Fund;
    • Affordable Rental Innovation Fund.
  • Precise targets to achieve, such as:
    • 100,000 new housing units;
    • 300,000 repaired or renewed housing units;
    • 50% reduction in chronic homelessness

What about Homelessness?

Chapter 6 of the National Housing Strategy focuses specifically on homelessness. This chapter outlines plans to invest $2.2 billion over 10 years to tackle homelessness. A redesigned homelessness program is scheduled to be released in April of 2019. While no additional details are provided for this program, we at Raising the Roof eagerly await its release and are hopeful that homelessness prevention will have a significant part in it!


As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated, “Housing rights are human rights and everyone deserves a safe place to call home…one person on the streets in Canada is too many.” With those words and with the release of Canada’s very first National Housing Strategy, Raising the Roof is proud to support this nation-wide effort to ensure that safe and affordable housing will very soon be a reality for all.

Additional documentation:

Want to know more about it? Read the full report here.