Ceramic Exhibition by Lucia Gustave

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Homelessness Unmasked

Support a Raising the Roof and own a beautiful work of art! Donate a minimum of $10 to Raising the Roof through the exhibition donation portal you will be entered to win 1 of 6 exhibition art pieces by Lucia Gustave.

Opening November 17th, 2023, 5pm to 8pm at Arcadia Art Gallery, 80 Queen Quay West, Toronto ON

Exhibition will be open to the public until November 25th, 2023


about the


Lucia Gustave is a Toronto-based ceramic artist with a deep commitment to non-profit causes. Her journey into ceramics as an artistic medium began two years ago, with a background steeped in creative conceptualization, Lucia firmly believes in the transformative power of art to effect positive change in the world.

Lucia’s migration to Canada exposed her to the stark realities faced by those lacking stable housing, particularly during the harsh winter months. This experience left a lasting impression on her, reinforcing her conviction that anyone can find themselves in challenging life circumstances. This belief drives Lucia to cultivate humility and empathy as she continues to explore her artistic path.

For those interested in following Lucia’s artistic journey and social initiatives, she can be found on Instagram under the handle: @Lu_pottery

Art Pieces

Moon Drips” delves into the concept of everything that’s happened at night: the world that unfolds beneath the moon’s gentle glow. The often-unheard sounds of the night, where the city hums softly, insects serenade, and people find moments of joy or darkness. Reflecting on those who lack the safety to enjoy the moon’s companionship in a safe space.

Road of life” we embark on a journey through destiny’s intricate pathways, each decision paving a unique route. Reinforcing the notion that there are no inherently correct or mistaken roads in life, but rather, a tapestry of life experiences. Within this tapestry, we encourage contemplation about how society often judges us based on our past choices, thinking our current life is the reflection of those decisions, but any road in life can be unexpected. Is better to extend a kind hand than judgment.

Fragmented Souls” portrays the resilience of the human spirit amidst life’s relentless trials; a person marred by the scars and fractures of their journey, symbolizing the unrepairable wounds that accumulate over time. A reminder that healing and rebuilding one’s life, especially for those who have experienced homelessness, is a journey fraught with challenges. Yet, within these broken parts lies the enduring strength and spirit of transformation, showcasing the indomitable human capacity to find resilience and wholeness amid adversity.

“Unseen Silver Spoons” challenges the conflict theory’s view of homelessness, which attributes social issues to individual shortcomings. Through contrasting scenes, the artwork illustrates how some individuals are born into privilege, while others are marginalized from the start. It challenges the oversimplification of homelessness causes, urging viewers to consider the role of societal structures in shaping lives. Ultimately, empathy and a more inclusive society foster equal opportunities for all.

“Eclipsed Serenity” is freedom and solitude through the imagery of the moon. In a world where almost, everything comes with a price tag, this artwork reminds us that the celestial wonders above remain untamed and free for all to admire. This piece encourages viewers to reconsider what truly brings joy and contentment in a society driven by materialism. If we only need the moon to survive how many more will live a fulfilled and happy life?

“Vulnerable Foundations” A crumbling house with a staircase leading to nowhere symbolizes the fragility of stability. Inspired by the belief that everyone is one step away from being homeless, life is uncertain, and this underscores our shared vulnerability. Life’s journey often conceals the ultimate destination, urging us to appreciate the homes we have. A poignant call to reflect on our fortune and extend a compassionate hand to those facing adversity.