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1. HireUp

HireUp is an online platform that connects job seekers who face barriers in finding employment

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2. Altitude

Altitude is a revision of our Toque Campaign providing youth (18-29) facing barriers to employment with training and meaningful work experience

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3. The Upstream Project Canada

The Upstream Project Canada is an innovative initiative aimed to prevent, rather than respond to, youth homelessness in Canada.

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4. Host Homes and Nightstop

Two of our programs focus on Diverting Youth Homelessness from Shelters: Host Homes and Nightstop.

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5. Youthworks

Why the focus on youth? It’s simple. We believe that the best way to prevent long-term homelessness is to address the issue when people are young.

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6. Child & Family Homelessness

Children and families are a growing part of the homeless population, with emergency shelter use at an all-time high and even more who are ‘hidden homeless’.

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