The Social Enterprise

Altitude is a revision of our Toque Campaign providing youth (18-29) facing barriers to employment with training and meaningful work experience.

Each 5-month cohort:
• trains and employs 8 youth as brand ambassadors for Raising the Roof.
• provides professional training in business, sales & entrepreneurship, homelessness prevention advocacy, pre-employment & essential skills.
• offers meaningful work experience where youth learn through practice; how to design, produce, promote and sell merchandise in connection with the Toque Campaign.

“I never thought that I could learn so much more about non-technical skills from this program. I learned a lot about leadership, teamwork […] Goal setting is one of the most important skills that I’ve learned. {…} Also, I enjoyed the strength-based practice to use our each strength to maximize the team whole strength. Also, conflict resolution is very important, too, not only for this job but also for my day-to-day life.”

– Altitude Participant

All proceeds return to the social enterprise and support Raising the Roof’s mission, vision and values.

The Social Enterprise Plan

Raising the Roof is hosting two Altitude pilots, one summer cohort (April to August 2018) and one winter cohort (November 2018 to March 2019).

During this period, we will create and test alternatives to review and improve the Toque Campaign’s different cycles (design, production, engagement with partner agencies, promotion, and selling). Youth will be guided through planning, reviewing, and executing various activities that will, after evaluation, be incorporated into the new model as a social enterprise.

Pending completion of two successful pilots, Raising the Roof will prepare to take Altitude to scale across Canada to support our Toque Partner Agencies.

First cohort

Our first cohort is in motion, with the challenge to sell 10,000 ball-caps by August 30th.  Proceeds support the Brand Ambassadors and Raising the Roof’s mission, vision and values.

“I have learned so much useful information about business, entrepreneurship, business models, sales funnel, finances, and more. I will definitely carry what I have learned into my future.” 

– Altitude Participant

Meet the participants!