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Black Cuffed Toque & Rise Mask Bundle


Black cuffed toque and Rise mask bundle.

One Size fits all.

50% of the proceeds from each toque purchase directly benefits local community agencies working with people experiencing homelessness across Canada. Remaining proceeds support Raising the Roof’s national homelessness prevention initiatives.

“The only thing more Canadian than a toque is the generosity of our people who understand that homelessness is unacceptable, and a problem that can be solved.” – Stephen Gaetz, Raising the Roof Board President

Shipping Fees, Delivery and Returns

Shipping Fees:

1-25 items = $5 baseline +$2 for each additional item for shipping
25-50 items = $30 flat rate for shipping
50-75 items = $40 flat rate for shipping
75-100 items = $50 flat rate for shipping

For orders of 100+ items, please email

Delivery: 2-3 weeks from ordering (location dependent).

Return Policy: All sales final

Tax Return Information

Your toque purchase is NOT eligible for a tax receipt, under Revenue Canada rules, because you receive a product for your contribution. However, a donation of $20 or more in addition to your item purchase is fully tax receiptable.