Seeing Potential

In Humans

If you can see potential in something like an old chair… why not a homeless youth?

We know that homeless youth have nothing but potential, and wanted to share this message with audiences, challenging the public to change the way they think about young people in need.

Our 2009 Youthworks report Youth Homelessness in Canada: The Road to Solutions observed:

There are many misconceptions about street-involved youth. Prejudice and stereotyping are common and there is little understanding of the social and economic impact of failing to address the issue. Public education will be an important element of any strategic response.


The national Campaign for Potential illustrated Raising the Roof’s commitment to help build understanding and empathy around the issue of youth homelessness and create momentum for change.

Pro bono advertising partner Leo Burnett was awarded a Silver Lion at the 58th International Festival of Creativity in Cannes June 2012 for this powerful campaign.

All campaign videos can be seen on our YouTube channel.