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360° Kids Nightstop Pilot Program Evaluation

Nightstop Evaluation Findings (2018)

This report is a review of 360°kids Nightstop Pilot. As an external evaluator, Raising the Roof partnered with 360°kids to utilize data collected over the course of the pilot and analyze it to illustrate the success of the program, review ways to strengthen Nightstop, and adapt it more suitably for a Canadian context. The goal of this report is to highlight Nightstop as an option when seeking preventative solutions.

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Turning off the Tap on Homelessness (2017)

For most of us, we have never had to worry about where we are going to sleep tonight. Maybe it isn’t the newest place, the cleanest, the best located, but we’ve had a place to sleep and arrange our belongings in a way that makes us call it home. This is not the reality for many Canadians. Every night in Canada there are approximately 35,000 people experiencing homelessness, adding up to at least 235,000 every year.

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Youth Employment Toolkit

Youth Employment: A Practical Toolkit for Employers and Agencies

There’s very little practical information available for employers who want to give disadvantaged youth a chance at a job. At the same time, community employment programs trying to find work for their young clients are always searching for interested employers in their communities.

Our online toolkit for prospective employers and community agencies provides practical tips and resources to help at-risk youth secure employment.

Putting and end to homelessness

Putting an End to Child & Family Homelessness in Canada

Child and Family Homelessness Initiative (2016)

This report – the culmination of a three-year national initiative – discusses the challenges and barriers faced by the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population: children and families. In presenting a cohesive framework, exemplary program models, promising practices and  a comprehensive set of recommendations, the report aims to not only address the gap in knowledge concerning this unique demographic, but to pave the way for long-term solutions.

Beyond Housing

Beyond Housing First

A Holistic Response to Family Homelessness in Canada (2015)

This report discusses a holistic approach to reducing and ending family homelessness. The report points to the coordination of prevention and systems response as a necessary addition to the Housing First approach.


Activation of Youthworks Employment

Youth Employment Toolkit (2014)

This report summarizes the key findings and promising practices for engaging the private sector in employment based solutions to youth homelessness. It also includes program models from our four partner agency employment programs.

Building a comprehensive framework

Addressing child and family homelessness in Canada: Phase I, an environmental scan (2013)

As part of the Child and Family Homelessness Initiative, this environmental scan consisted of interviews with over forty service providers, advocates and researchers about the work they do to address family homelessness. The report includes findings from the scan, as well as a preliminary framework and discussion of the upcoming project.



Its everybodys business report

It’s Everybody’s Business

Engaging the Private Sector in Solutions to Youth Homelessness (2012)

Many employers have the potential to provide powerful motivation and mentorship, training and employment opportunities for homeless and at-risk youth. But there is little research on successful strategies to engage the private sector in doing so. This report seeks to help bridge that gap.

Youth Homelessness

Youth Homelessness in Canada

The Road to Solutions (2009)

This report presents a snapshot of youth homelessness in Canada.