Winnipeg Reside Project

By creating employment opportunities and new units of deeply affordable housing with wraparound supports, Raising the Roof’s Reside provides a tangible, targeted long-term solution to ending homelessness in Canada.

Raising the Roof is renovating an abandoned nail salon and residential building into a three unit home in Winnipeg Manitoba. The two larger units on the main and upper floors will be made available to Indigenous families that are currently experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness. The one bedroom lower level will be made available to youth aging out of care. North End Community Renewal Corporation and Fearless R2W will provide property management and ongoing wraparound supports to the families and youth.

The renovations will be completed by Purpose Construction, who will use the construction process as a vehicle to train and employ people with barriers to employment. In this way, the project has double impact, preventing homelessness not only by the creation of new units of affordable housing, but also by connecting people who are at risk of homelessness with construction careers.


Winnipeg Reside

Project Impact



with barriers to employment will receive training, employment and support through the Winnipeg Reside project renovations


New Units

of deeply affordable housing will be created in Winnipeg



who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness will have a safe, affordable home with ongoing wraparound supports



with barriers to employment have received trades training on our Resides projects across Canada


Diane Roussin, The Winnipeg Boldness Project

The Winnipeg Boldness Project uses social innovation tools to research and develop ideas to improve outcomes for young children in the Point Douglass community in Winnipeg’s North End.

In 2020, The Winnipeg Boldness Project led the development of the North End Housing Lab, an Indigenous-led project which focused on consulting with local community  stakeholders to identify the specific housing development needs of residents in Winnipeg’s North End. Key findings of the North End Housing Lab included the need for the immediate creation of additional affordable rental units. More specifically, we identified the need for larger affordable rental units (3+ bedrooms) to allow families to be re-united with children in the foster care system.

The creation of new affordable housing [building on] Mountain Avenue, and in specific the creation of two three-bedroom affordable housing units targeted for Indigenous women and their children participating in the Fearless Circle at the North End Women’s Centre, fits the community needs identified through the North End Housing Lab, and has the support of The Winnipeg Boldness Project.

Michael Redhead Champagne, Fearless R2W

Fearless R2W recently engaged in a federally funded innovation research project from the National Housing Strategy and generated a road map with recommendations to support Indigenous youth aging out of care in Winnipeg. These recommendations include establishing safe transitional housing for young people aging out of child welfare supported by Indigenous values informed kinship supports.

Fearless R2W as an organization has a set of values that were developed in 2015 that have guided us in our work, and we believe that this project reflects our belief that it is all of our responsibility to take care of all of the children all of the time. We are excited to provide any referrals and resources from our kinship initiatives and our circles of support to the inhabitants of this house including any related to reclaiming their Indigenous culture or Indigenous kinship practices.

We look forward to supporting these families and individuals involved in this project and are excited to make this a success and a welcoming home.

Kalen Taylor, Purpose Construction

Purpose Construction is a proud social enterprise construction company offering a range of residential, commercial and property management services. We provide skilled trades training and long-term jobs to people with barriers to employment, pay living wages and offer a supportive work environment.

We look forward to creating this first Reside project in Winnipeg with Raising the Roof, as well as other projects to create much needed affordable housing in Winnipeg.

Lucille Bruce, End Homelessness Winnipeg

A key pillar of the work of End Homelessness Winnipeg is to increase affordable housing supply. End Homelessness Winnipeg predicts at least 1,340 new units of housing are needed in the next five years to respond to the needs of Winnipeggers. We know we need new and creative partnerships to see this housing built.

We welcome Raising the Roof’s entry into Winnipeg, brining their expertise from Ontario, to help Winnipeg achieve this target.

Completed Reside Project Tenant

I am able to focus on achieving my goals in a realistic way. I live independently and know where to get supports. In this short amount of time, I have been able to achieve goals and set new ones. I look forward to what is next. Thank you.

Senay Mosazghi, Purpose Construction

[Purpose Construction] has been very helpful to me and my family, and it’s very helpful to the community, this job gives me comfort and gives me more sense of purpose. I was working at a very hard job site, but I’m thinking it’s helping the community, and it gave me more courage in my heart. I see Purpose Construction giving back to the community, and I need to be with a company like this”

Senay started working at Purpose Construction as a refugee and newcomer to Canada. Purpose was Senay’s first employer after fleeing religious persecution and war in Eretria. At Purpose, he was able to develop his English while learning trades-based skills and earning Canadian work experience. Today, Senay’s infectious good nature is a major asset to the Purpose Construction family. He is a skilled carpenter, managing large teams on commercial and residential jobs.

Project timeline

Fall 2022

Spring 2023

Fall 2023

Winter 2024

Fall 2022

Demolition and professional asbestos remediation began.

Spring 2023

Raising the Roof anticipates that construction will begin in Spring 2023.

Fall 2023

Raising the Roof estimates that the renovations will be completed by Fall 2023. By this time, the interior and exterior work will be finished, creating 3 units of affordable housing, with a shared outdoor space and accessible access on the main level.

Winter 2024

Raising the Roof anticipates that the Indigenous families and youth will move into their new homes in late 2023/early 2024. NECRC and Fearless R2W will help them move in and provide ongoing wraparound supports through their circles of support.

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