Employment is an essential component of long-term housing security. That’s why Raising the Roof is proud to offer the Wraparound Support Program, which provides support for programs that connect people with barriers to employment to professional careers. Through the Wraparound Support program, our partners provide case management, financial coaching, mental health support, mentorship, and other support to underserved youth and adults who are at risk of homelessness.

One of Raising the Roof’s Wraparound Support Program partners is the ABEEL Foundation’s Shaping the Future program.

Sponsorship Program

Shaping the Future

In the Shaping the Future program, by using their preferred means of expression (such as poetry, visual art, music, and more), youth from Canadian High Schools within very low income and BIPOC concentrated neighbourhoods across the country, share their vision of a world that fosters a hate-free society by embracing the Black experience. Students will work in teams of 1-5 to prepare their submissions. Based on their participation, students are provided:

  • Financial support to participating youth and their communities based on the analysis and evaluation of their program submissions
  • Coordination between youth participants to the pool of mentors from various industries
  • Access to customized virtual learning series, training programs, workshops, co-op, or internship opportunities via sponsoring organizations
  • Access to a series of workshops on mental health and counselling services

In the first year

ABEEL Foundation was able to reach



English and French



Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia



low income and BIPOC concentrated neighbourhoods



secondary schools across the country


Youth-Employer connections

connections to employer-specific virtual learning programs and industry professional mentors


thousand dollars

of financial support was provided to 46 youth



received mental health services through workshops and counselling services



had the opportunity to meaningfully express their vision for the future and their experience