Join us Feb. 1, 2022 starting at 10am and running all day long – Live on Youtube: www.youtube.com/RaisingtheRoofCanada

Each year, our national Toque Campaign sees hundreds of volunteers and supporters sell toques across the country, with proceeds benefiting Partner Agencies working directly with people experiencing homelessness, as well as Raising the Roof’s homelessness prevention initiatives like the Reside program.

For 25 years, Raising the Roof has been celebrating Toque Tuesday, which lands on the first Tuesday in February. Over the years there have been countless events, fundraisers, shows and more all over Canada raising awareness and funds for Raising the Roof’s Toque Campaign.

This year, Toque Tuesday lands on February 1, 2022 and is going to look a bit different (the pandemic has put a cramp in our style!) and it will be entirely virtual. We will be hosting the Toque Tuesday Virtual Telethon live on Youtube featuring important, educational and engaging conversations with influential and inspiring people working in the homelessness sector, incredible people with lived experience, a few musical guests and some surprises along the way.

You can buy a toque on our website and have it shipped directly, so you can be part of this 25 year long national campaign to end homelessness and keep the conversation going with those around you!


Our partner agencies

The 2022 Toque Campaign is supporting 20 front line homelessness agencies across the country, who are working hard to prevent and end homelessness in their community. Click to learn more about these agencies and the great work they are doing.

Ways to get involved