What Is the

Wraparound Supports Program?

Employment is an essential component of long-term housing security and stability. That is why Raising the Roof is proud to offer the Wraparound Support Program, which provides employers with the capacity they need to support people experiencing or are at risk of homelessness. These supports are critical in the foundation of long-term, well-paying careers.

how it works


Raising the Roof identifies enterprises that provide training and employment to Canadians who are homeless or at-risk of homeless.

Raising the Roof provides selected enterprises with funding to expand the suite of wraparound supports available to program participants.

Enterprise partners provide wraparound supports which can include: case management, financial coaching, mental health support, mentorship, or others as needed.

Participants gain hands-on training and employment, developing skills, experience and connections that increase capacity for both short and long-term housing security.


Types of Wraparound Supports


  • In-house therapy
  • Financial assistance for housing, groceries and education
  • Case mangers and social workers who can support participants
  • Staying connected and supporting alumni
  • Support through their first few years of trade apprenticeships
  • Financial coaching

One of the people who benefited from the Wraparound Supports Program was Edward.

Edward was a trainee working with one of our social enterprise contractors, Building Up. Edward was unemployed and on Ontario Works, experiencing suicidality and depression. Through the construction training program, Edward discovered his passion for carpentry. He built his confidence, rising at 4am each morning to be on-site first.

Since graduation, Edward has had stable, well-paying construction work, his mental health has improved, his housing security has improved, and he’s saving to purchase a home. “This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life,” Edward says, “and I have Building Up to thank for that.”

In 2020

43 At Risk Youth

were supported through our Wraparound Supports Program

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