Lead the Change!

Raising the Roof’s National Youth Ambassador program provides training, mentorship and support to youth across the county. Through youth-led initiatives, the ambassadors will educate their communities on the issues of homelessness, fundraise and advocate for change.

Through the National Youth Ambassador program, participants from ages 15-30 will learn important skills including: communication skills, event management, fundraising, storytelling, marketing, project management, public speaking and much more.

There is a great opportunity for personal growth for the youth participants. The youth will gain hands-on experience planning and executing events and presentations in their local community. The youth will gain confidence through the knowledge, coaching and support they will receive.

There will be lasting impact as the participants take the entrepreneurship, leadership, advocacy and other skills they learn through the Youth Ambassador program and apply them to other initiatives in their community and their future employment.

For more information please contact: Shoshana Coodin shoshana@raisingtheroof.org

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Why Be A Youth Ambassador?

• Contribute to an important cause
• Become more engaged in their community
• Gain experience and knowledge on social issues regarding homeless and at risk youth
• Build skillsets in leadership, collaboration and event planning
• Collaborate with inspirational students from across Canada
• Become a member of RTR’s National Youth Ambassador Alumni committee
• Earn volunteer hours and a receive a Letter of Reference from Raising the Roof Canada.

The application process is now closed. For more information please contact: Shoshana Coodin shoshana@raisingtheroof.org